the features


Raised camerta ring and bezel for extra protection.


Dynamic Disply

Dynamic phonecase switches the patterns upon each incoming calls, messages from social APP like whechat, whatsup, instagram etc. It is activated to display custom patterns in different ways, showing a full image of your company logo, a sketch of your pet, a punchline to make you smile. It enlights your daily life with each flash and shows your taste and life style at a ease.


TPU+Gorilla Glass

TPU supplies enough protect of droping and UV defending technology to prevent yellowing. Gorilla Glass gives clear view and scratch resistance to protect your iPhone from scratches and drops.


Charging port

Port covers to keep dirt out and easily revmove for charging.

why choose US

Unique Technology

Patented new technologies which have been filed in over 100 countries, applied in the dynamic phonecase. The unique technology ensures the innovative desgin and amazing visual effects with stable output. .


Professional manufacturing process and experienced tehnician with over 20 years indulge in phonecase making, make sure the quality of each dynamaic phonecase are made and tested with craftmanship.

Ultra thin& super lightweight

Ultra thin and super lightweight dynamic phonecase intergrated gorila glass, control system and display system within 3mm thichness of phonecase, adding no extra pressure for your daily life.

Customized Order

Innovative and patented technoloty combined with creative ideas make the dynamic phonecase the best choice for gifts. It is a romantic gift to your loved ones, a descent gift to customer with your logo, a reward to proud employees, a best seller for NBA fans, a lovely gift for every speical days that flashes everyday since. It can be a custom made product for special occassions or ready to go products with desinger’s taste. Instant shift of patterns triggered by incoming calls, wechat,massage .